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Academic hub

We’re on a mission to get researchers working together at the crossroads of academic disciplines, where exciting innovations take place. Here, you’ll find information on the many ways to get involved with us and the activities we’re supporting to encourage innovation between academics and the public, private and third sectors.

The University of Edinburgh is already a leader in data driven-innovation, so we want to shout about the results, promoting your research and the amazing benefits it brings to society and the economy. You can read examples of this in our DDI Chancellor’s Fellows profiles.

In the section on DDI hubs, there’s information on the institutes and research centres that are part of the DDI programme. Our data analytics facility, the World-Class Data Infrastructure is available for the data needs of projects, as are the resources of our five innovation hubs.

Our Sector Expert blogs introduce the people who can help you develop strong proposals that have industry backing. Finally, the University has also made some funding available to support project development and pilots leading to sustainable initiatives. We know that innovation projects with partners can be complex, so we want to be clear about how you can submit proposals to us and how they’ll be evaluated. You’ll find an outline of this under Submitting a proposal.