Data Education in Schools Launch Website

DDI Skills Gateway are delighted to announce that the Data Education in Schools project has launched their website.  The website offers a range of access points for teachers, schools and industry professionals.  The Data Education in Schools team will use the website to share resources and promote events to support teachers and connect to the research informing their work.  The team will also use the website to share case studies of industry partnerships and chart the progress of the interdisciplinary data education curriculum they are developing.


Who’s it aimed at and how do they benefit?

Teachers will benefit from skills progression and from our professional learning resources.  These resources will support young people to develop the skills necessary to contribute to our society, many in roles that do not yet exist. Professor Judy Robertson, the Director of Data Education in Schools said “Teachers play such an important role in inspiring young people to learn the underlying literacy and numeracy skills they need to excel when working with data. We’re working with teachers to find out how our resources can help them prepare for teaching about cutting edge topics in data such as working with environmental sensors or robotics ”.

Industry professionals across all sectors will be able to work with the Data Education in Schools project to sustain and grow a thriving technology sector and compete in a global economy. Contributing to the project will bring university, schools, community and industry closer together.


How does it help deliver the aims of the Data Education in Schools?

The Data Education in Schools vision is to be a world-leading data education centre supporting young people across the region to develop the confidence, competence and ambition to use data to benefit themselves and their communities.  The website provides a focal point for connecting the university, schools, communities and industry through the ambition to make Edinburgh the data capital of Europe.


Link between Data Education in Schools and City Region Deal’s DDI Skills Gateway

Data Education in Schools is part of the Edinburgh & South East Scotland City Region Deal’s Data-Driven Innovation Skills Gateway.

The inclusion of DDI with the City Region Deal reflects the growing importance of data in economic growth, social change, and public services. Through high-speed data analytics, our ability to capture flows of data and understand what they tell us is bringing better and faster capability to identify trends and behaviour across many sectors, leading to improved services for consumers and citizens.  Data Education in Schools will support young people to develop awareness of their data rights and responsibilities, interpret data critically and use it to inform decision-making.

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