Data project boost to aid local Covid-19 recovery

A host of projects have received funding from the Data-Driven Innovation initiative to support local responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Almost a quarter of a million pounds has been awarded to 19 projects that will use data-based approaches to benefit businesses, communities and services in Edinburgh and South-East Scotland.


Data innovations

Projects include initiatives encouraging greater local food production, tackling mental health issues exacerbated by lockdown, and assessing the impacts on care provided to pregnant women.

The projects will involve collaboration with partners including the Scottish Government, NHS Lothian and local social enterprises.


Project funding

The funding has been provided by the Data-Driven Innovation programme’s Response and Recovery scheme. It has allocated £243,000 to projects from across the University’s three Colleges.

The Data-Driven Innovation programme is part of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal, which aims to accelerate productivity and inclusive growth by funding infrastructure, skills and innovation.

‘Considering the short space of time applicants were given, the 36 applications we received were outstanding. Because of this, and our aim to help the Edinburgh and South East region recover from Covid-19, we doubled the funding pot. Data innovation has the capacity to improve the livelihoods and medical treatment of those most affected by the virus. The 19 projects awarded will link academics with local and global organisations to deliver solutions using data innovation that assist our region in its recovery.’

Jarmo EskelinenExecutive Director, Data-Driven Innovation
For summaries of awarded projects see here

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