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Grow, develop, innovate: How we can help

We’re working with businesses, the public sector and charities to improve products and services – and develop new ones – with four interlinked areas of activity: skills and talent; data analysis; research partnerships; and consultancy. Contact us to find out how we can help or view our brochure.

Skills and talent: We’re tackling the City Region’s digital skills gap

Data skills are increasingly important everywhere – not just in the booming tech industry. From banking and law to retail and healthcare, it is estimated that Scotland needs an extra 13,000 workers each year with digital skills.

One of our contributions to the City Region Deal is to deliver 100,000 individuals certified in data science-related subjects over 15 years. They will range from specialist data analysts to healthcare staff, financial services workers, marketers, and many others, and they will embrace data capabilities as a standard part of their professional skills.

We will also contribute to the City Region Deal’s Skills Programme, which aims to help all citizens adapt to the data economy. In particular, our activities will aim to develop skills and employability, and increase potential to access good career opportunities among less advantaged groups.


Data analysis: We want organisations of all kinds to improve products and services through the latest data analytics capabilities

The Edinburgh International Data Facility  is a high-powered computing facility that offers a safe and secure environment for data analysis, allowing academics and industry to work together in delivering new insights, providing solutions to the social and industrial challenges of the 21st century.

Our facilities are based on a 20-year track record of running high-powered computing facilities, along with computer science and informatics expertise across two outstanding universities.

The Edinburgh International Data Facility is hosted by the University of Edinburgh, a member of the Scottish Government’s Charter for Data Safe Havens and a UK government-approved Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security Research.


Research partnerships: Our innovation hubs can help unlock the potential of data for product and service development

High-speed data analytics are creating new opportunities and challenges for many sectors. Through the effective use of data, services and products can be developed and improved, and businesses can grow, diversify, or simply become more efficient.

Our service has been designed to address challenges across 10 sectors, including public services, finance, agri-tech, and tourism and festivals, and is based on world-leading research expertise at two universities – the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University.

From commercial research with individual organisations to large-scale, cross-sector collaborations, we can create multi-disciplinary research teams for bespoke industry challenges, combining this with data science expertise and facilities.

Alongside this, we’re taking a lead role in identifying, understanding, and addressing the wider regulatory and social implications of technological developments in this fast-emerging field.


Consultancy: We can help public, private and third sector partners capitalise on the data revolution

Through discussions with our sectoral experts, you can explore opportunities for research collaborations and establishing a presence in the City Region. The Data-Driven Innovation initiative covers a wide network of researchers, incubator space, accelerator programmes, and more. We can offer advice on what’s happening across the City Region as it establishes itself as the data capital of Europe.