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Growth plan for industry

Data-Driven Innovation is designed around five challenge areas that together will unlock benefits for the City Region’s citizens, services, and businesses. We’re aiming to meet a number of ambitious targets by 2030, which include improving digital skills in the workforce and helping organisations across the private, public, and third sectors make better use of data. Contact us to find out more.


Increased talent

The City Region’s tech sector has seen impressive growth in recent years, but it needs more people with the right skills to meet demand. We’re aiming to help 100,000 people gain data science-related qualifications over the next 15 years. This will help our tech industries but also benefit many other businesses and organisations, as data skills become increasingly important in a wide range of jobs.


Research aligned to industry needs

We are building relationships with organisations across ten sectors to understand which challenges industries face and link our data science research to their needs. Ultimately, we want our world-class expertise in data-driven innovation to help organisations diversify, grow, or simply become more efficient.


Adoption of data-driven innovation across industry

From ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation to market insights, data is an increasingly important strategic consideration for many organisations. Our target is to help 1,000 organisations make better use of data, by creating new services and products or improving existing ones.


Data stewardship

As the data capital of Europe, we want the City Region to be recognised as a destination for the secure storage and analysis of data. Our goal is to attract 1,000 datasets to the Edinburgh International Data Facility – drawing insights and identifying patterns from high-speed analytics. We have recognised expertise in the field through programmes such as the Scottish Government’s Charter for Safe Havens and the University of Edinburgh’s accreditation as a government-approved Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security Research.


Fostering entrepreneurship

We want to encourage entrepreneurial activity within the City Region, making it easier to use data-driven innovation to create businesses through more incubation space, encouraging investment in start-ups, and providing a safe and secure facility for data analysis.