Expert profiles

The researchers, industry experts, and business development professionals who help deliver data-driven activities and partnerships

Michael Rovatsos

Director of the Bayes Centre
Michael is a specialist in AI techniques that enable people to interact with each other effectively. For over 20 years, he has been developing algorithms that can be used to coordinate the activities of multiple actors in online collaboration platforms, electronic marketplaces, or transportation systems, ensuring they satisfy key ethical objectives such as fairness, transparency, and diversity-awareness. As Director of the Bayes Centre, he has contributed significantly to the University’s tech innovation activities in data science and AI within the Data-Driven Innovation Programme since 2018.
Image of Michelle Evans

Michelle Evans

Programme Lead for the Health and Social Care DDI Talent Programme, Usher Institute
My role is in developing the DDI Health and Social Care (HSC) Talent programme in line with City Region Deal aspirations. This includes building data science expertise across the learning spectrum from new students to in-career professionals and lifelong learners.
Linus Schumacher, a DDI Chancellor's Fellow

Linus Schumacher

DDI Chancellor’s Fellow
Based at the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Linus Schumacher is an interdisciplinary scientist who combines biology, physics, and mathematics to study this phenomenon at the cellular level.
Image of Ben Willianson, a DDI Chancellor's Fellow

Ben Willimson

DDI Chancellor’s Fellow
Dr Williamson’s research focuses on the points at which digital technologies, science and data interact with education policy and governance. These are critical areas in the age of Big Data, given its potential to influence policy and practice from pre-school to post-graduate settings.
Image of Katie Atkins, a DDI Chancellor's Fellow

Katie Atkins

DDI Chancellor’s Fellow
Having completed her PhD at the University of Edinburgh in 2010, Katie Atkins had a spell at Yale School of Public Health in the USA, working on the dynamics and health economics of infectious disease control measures.
Image of Dr Colin Snodgrass, a DDI Chancellor's Fellow

Dr Colin Snodgrass

DDI Chancellor’s Fellow
A specialist in comets—those mysterious objects that pass through our solar system on their silent, interplanetary journeys — Dr Snodgrass is part of the European Space Agency team working on the Rosetta Mission.
Image of Syed Ahmer

Syed Ahmar Shah

DDI Chancellor’s Fellow
Syed Ahmar Shah moved from the MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit at the University of Oxford to take up a Chancellor’s Fellowship here in the Usher Institute and Informatics at the University’s Medical School, bringing with him a strong background in biomedical engineering and an impressive track-record in inter-disciplinary projects involving health care professionals, statisticians and fellow engineers.
Image of Yang Cao

Yang Cao

DDI Chancellor’s Fellow
Yang Cao received his PhD from the University of Edinburgh in 2016, and is now based at the Bayes Centre, in the University’s School of Informatics, where he is working on database systems and fundamental methods for querying, integrating and cleaning large scale datasets, to extract useful knowledge from big data.
Image of Atul Anand

Atul Anand

Clinical Lead for the Health and Social Care DDI DataLoch Programme and Senior Clinical Research Fellow
I am an academic consultant geriatrician working at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. My passion for working with older people has been driven by the exclusion of the oldest and often most vulnerable in society from traditional medical research. The use of routinely collected or so-called ‘big data’ has started to change this, by allowing smarter, inclusive research with quicker assessment of the effect of changing treatments on patient outcomes.
Image of Rafael de Oliveira Silva

Rafael de Oliveira Silva

DDI Chancellor's Fellow
Rafael de Oliveira Silva is an applied mathematician working with mathematical models of agriculture, food security and biodiversity conservation. His research includes modelling climate change adaption and the social impacts of sustainable intensification pathways.
Image of Joshua Ryan-Saha

Joshua Ryan-Saha

Director, Traveltech for Scotland, & Tourism, Festivals & Infrastructure lead - Edinburgh Futures Institute
To be a tourist is to choose the unknown over the familiar. The tourist steps outside their workaday life and embraces something totally different. This process of de-familiarising might seem frivolous, ‘extra’, an added bonus, the icing on the cake. On the contrary; it has the power to shape every aspect of a person’s everyday life.
Image of Gemma Cassells public sector lead

Gemma Cassells

Public Sector Team Lead, Data-Driven Innovation Programme
I’m passionate about exploring how the region can work collaboratively to solve challenges. The breadth of services provided by the public sector means there is no shortage of opportunities for data-driven innovation.