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Creative Informatics – DDI for Edinburgh’s Creative Industries Cluster

  • DDI Funding: £1.683m
  • Timescale: March 2023
  • Lead Hub: Edinburgh Futures Institute

The University of Edinburgh’s role in the City Region Deal helped strengthen a multi-million pound bid to the Arts and Humanities Research Council to make Edinburgh a centre of entrepreneurship in the creative industries.

The Creative Informatics R&D partnership will use data and data-driven technologies to encourage innovation across the sector. Experts at the University will work with Edinburgh Napier University, Creative Edinburgh, and CodeBase, the largest technology incubator in the UK, to deliver six innovative R&D initiatives, with an ambition of creating more than 60 new businesses over the next five years.

The programme will enable individuals and cultural organisations to explore and better understand how data-driven technologies can be used to enhance their work. Creative Informatics addresses challenges including developing access to and engaging with new audiences and markets; developing new types of experience; unlocking value in archives and datasets, and new business models for the creative industries. The programme is developing local talent and placing creatives in the driving seat of data-driven innovation to ensure that Edinburgh’s creative and cultural industries continue to thrive.

To help address imbalances in the creative industries’ work force (in terms of gender, ethnicity and socio-economic background) principles of equality and diversity will be embedded in the guidance and panels will take this into account when judging between projects and candidates that are otherwise of the same quality.