Digital industries have grown at more than twice the speed of the economy as a whole in recent years, and the South East of Scotland City Region in particular has experienced a rapid expansion of its ‘digital cluster’ – spawning some well-known company names. The Data-Driven Innovation initiative is supporting further develop through the work of its hub, the Bayes Centre.

Breaking the sound barrier

Academics have used funding from the University of Edinburgh’s Data-Driven Innovation initiative to develop ground-breaking Gaelic speech recognition software

FASTBLADE composite test centre

FASTBLADE is a composite structures research facility and part of an industry-academic partnership between Babcock International Group and the University of Edinburgh.

man with business industrial tool icons while using tablet with monitor of computers

Made to order

NextChain is an ordering app for restaurants and suppliers that aims to help the hospitality industry recover from the pandemic.

Bayes Centre hits accelerator of data-driven innovation

The Bayes Data Science Unit is helping to co-ordinate data science projects at the University of Edinburgh whilst forging external data science relationships

photo of the Bayes Centre

Pulling power

Tidal power has the potential to play a big role in renewable energy generation. To achieve that potential, developers want to use larger and highly reliable blades on tidal turbines, to produce greater quantities of cost-efficient energy

picture of floating tidal turbine technology, like the Orbital O2, will be tested in FASTBLADE
Bayes Centre

Our DigiTech Hub

Bayes Centre

Opened in October 2018, the Bayes Centre provides an innovative environment to support the co-location of up to 600 world-leading applied data science researchers, students, and collaborating staff from organisations across the public, private and third sectors. The Centre is also home to the Post-Covid AI Accelerator, the Data Science Technology and Innovation online PGT programme and coordinates the internationally acclaimed EIE programme. Focussing on the facilitation of translational research and development, the Bayes Centre connects industry partners to academic and research expertise from across the institution, as well as organisations like the Alan Turing Institute and the Data Lab.

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Neil McGillivray, Chief Operating Officer

Our Expert Profiles

Paul Patras

Associate Professor/Reader in the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh

The number of Internet-connected devices is projected to reach one trillion by 2035 and new applications with huge societal impact potential are emerging. These include home automation, assisted-living robotics, self-driving cars, and countless more.

Image of Paul Patras

Dr Beatrice Alex

DDI Chancellor's Fellow, Edinburgh Futures Institute

Dr Alex leads the Edinburgh Language Technology Group, a research and development group with longstanding expertise in text mining and natural language engineering.

Image of Dr Beatrice Alex