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As part of the UK’s second largest financial centre, the banks, insurance companies, and pension providers within the City Region are ideally placed to benefit from the Data-Innovation Programme and respond to the challenges and opportunities of the data revolution.

The Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence

The financial sector is on the cusp of a disruptive, data-driven revolution: Open Finance promises to bring competition and innovation to financial services through the voluntary sharing of customers’ financial data.

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Edinburgh Futures Institute

The EFI will be a global centre for multi-disciplinary, challenge-based DDI research, teaching and societal impact. The biggest challenges that the world faces are complex and interconnected. Solving them requires multiple orientations and understandings. EFI’s approach brings the arts, humanities and the social sciences into contiguity with data science, natural sciences and with medicine – to co-create deeply interdisciplinary models.

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Jude Henderson, Director of Operations, Edinburgh Futures Institute, Edinburgh Futures Institute

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Ksenia Siedlecka

Financial Services and FinTech

New technologies are transforming the way we live our lives and do business across the world. FinTech integrates finance with technology in ways that are changing the emerging digital economy. New regulations, changing customer expectations, and rapid advances in technology increasingly put pressure on financial services companies to digitally transform and innovate.

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