Robotics & autonomous systems

Using expertise across two of our hubs, the National Robotarium and Bayes Centre, data-driven innovation will support organisations to innovate through partnerships with researchers to improve the use of robotics technologies in areas such as harsh construction environments, manufacturing, and more.

Open and Remote Access Living Lab

An improved gene-editing tool could improve the understanding of the genetic basis of disease resistance in valuable species of farmed fish, researchers have found. Scientists at the Roslin Institute have developed the optimised technique to efficiently introduce changes in fish cell cultures in the lab.

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Our Robotics & Autonomous Systems Hub

National Robotarium

The National Robotarium will be co-located on the Heriot-Watt University campus, having access to the resources of both Heriot-Watt and the University of Edinburgh. It will meet existing and future industrial need by accelerating the generation of knowledge and flow of technologies into the economy through targeted research, industry collaboration, living laboratories, demonstrator and incubation facilities.

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Ross Clark, Project Manager

Our Expert Profiles

Cristian Novotny

Robotics & Autonomous Systems

I’m passionate about how technology can help societies at large and I’m fortunate to be working alongside an extraordinary group of researchers with the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics, who are exploring ways in which we can use robots and autonomous systems to help tackle some of our current societal challenges and those to come.

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Professor Helen Hastie

Robotics & Autonomous Systems

I’m a professor of computer science at Heriot-Watt University and my special interest is in human-robot interaction. I’ve worked in both industry and academia and bring this experience to the National Robotarium, where the goal is to establish a strong link between industry and academia, working together closely on joint initiatives.

Photo of Prof Helen Hastie

Professor Yvan Petillot

Robotics & Autonomous Systems

I’m a professor of robotics and autonomous systems at Heriot-Watt University specialising in field robotics. I have a strong interest in technology transfer and engagement with industry and co-founded SeeByte Ltd in 2001, which is now a world leader in marine autonomy solutions. As Chief Technology Officer for the company until 2010, I coordinated the commercial application of university research.

Photo of Professor Yvan Petillot who is the joint academic lead of the National Robotarium and Chair of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems theme of the Scottish Research Partnership in Engineering