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Space and satellites data experts at our Bayes Centre work across the range of space-related activities, from astronomers tracking the skies for space debris to chemists developing clean-burn rocket fuels. Whether it’s managing fire risk in space or protecting forests, we are helping partners innovate and support improvements across a range of sectors.

Satellite Data in Environmental Science

The Earth Observation Centre is training a new generation of industry-experienced satellite data specialists. Satellite Data in Environmental Science Centre for Doctoral Training (SENSE) is an exciting new centre for doctoral training.

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Bayes Centre

Our Space & Satellites Hub

Bayes Centre

Opened in October 2018, the Bayes Centre provides an innovative environment to support the co-location of up to 600 world-leading applied data science researchers, students, and collaborating staff from organisations across the public, private and third sectors.  The Centre is also home to the Post-Covid AI Accelerator, the Data Science Technology and Innovation online PGT programme and coordinates the internationally acclaimed EIE programme. Focussing on the facilitation of translational research and development, the Bayes Centre connects industry partners to academic and research expertise from across the institution, as well as organisations like the Alan Turing Institute and the Data Lab.

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Neil McGillivray, Chief Operating Officer

Our Expert Profiles

Image of Kristina Tamane

Kristina Tamane

Space Business Development Executive, Bayes Centre

Kristina has worked with world-leading remote sensing experts to predict land slides from space, address deforestation globally and develop tools to help in the climate change battle. She believes  Edinburgh's diverse tech ecosystem enables space data analytics to come together with novel visualisation techniques and VR.

Image of Kristina Tamane
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Dr Murray Collins

Space & Satellite Technology

Dr Murray Collins is Space Lead at the Bayes Centre – the first person to hold such a role within the University of Edinburgh’s wider programme of data-driven innovation, developing the strategy for the Space and Satellites sector. As one of the University’s Chancellor’s Fellows, Dr Collins works on algorithms to analyse satellite radar data.

Murray collins - cropped image