Teach Data Literacy: A Guide for Primary Teachers

A Teach Data Literacy: a guide for primary teachers launched on Wednesday 7th of June, designed as a resource developed by the Data Education in Schools team to support teachers to enhance opportunities for all to build the skills and habits of mind relevant to data problem-solving. It outlines various core concepts in data literacy as well as a problem-solving framework through which data skills can be explored.

The Data Education in Schools team were joined by teachers, industry colleagues and digital educators at the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute to mark the launch of the guide, which:

  • Introduces and explains what is meant by ‘data literacy’ and how it relates to the school curriculum, including key terms and concepts
  • Provides a clear framework for thinking about data problem-solving
  • Reviews a wide range of resources for early, first and second levels that can be used to support teaching and learning about data literacy.

Professor Judy Robertson, Chair in Digital Learning, University of Edinburgh said:

’Data literate children and young people have the skills to fluently collect and use data to understand the world more deeply and take informed action to improve their lives and community. This handbook is intended to support teachers in weaving data literacy into the curriculum in thought-provoking and meaningful ways.’

Schools across the Edinburgh and South East of Scotland city region will receive a copy of the handbook early in the 2023/24 school year. The digital version of the handbook – which we hope will be used by schools across Scotland (and beyond) – can be downloaded here from 5pm on Wednesday 7th of June.

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