The Coldest Year Of The Rest Of Their Lives: Protecting Children From The Escalating Impacts Of Heatwaves

Data for Children Collaborative Research Team Collaborates with UNICEF to Publish Report Urging for Immediate Climate Action to Protect Children from Heatwaves

On 25th October 2022, UNICEF released a report: “The coldest year of the rest of their lives: Protecting children from the escalating impacts of heatwaves”.

The report highlights that while the climate crisis intensifies, so do the heatwaves, as they become longer, stronger, more widespread and more frequent. Heatwaves already pose a threat to millions of children around the world. The work of our collaborative team from across the disciplines and institutions points out that by 2050 virtually every child on earth will face more frequent heatwaves, even if the world manages to achieve ‘low greenhouse gas emissions’.

The research highlights that children experience and will continue to experience, more severe effects of heatwaves than adults, as they lack the same ability to regulate their body temperatures.

UNICEF and the research team urges the world leaders ahead of COP27 to take action and:

  • PROTECT children from climate devastation by adapting social services.

  • PREPARE children to live in a climate-changed world.

  • PRIORITISE children and young people in climate finance and resources.

  • PREVENT a climate catastrophe by drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions to keep 1.5 degrees Celsius alive.

The report leverages on the research of the Children’s Climate Risk Index (CCRI) project.

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