Tourism and food & drink among Fife & Scottish Borders sectors pegged to benefit from data innovation

The potential of digital technology and innovation for organisations in Fife and the Scottish Borders has been highlighted in white papers from the Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) initiative.

The reports explain the potential for both local authority areas to harness DDI and boost sectors, including food and drink, renewable energy, and tourism, and in the delivery of public services, from remote healthcare through to demand-led public transport.

The reports are the product of research by academics at the University of Edinburgh working in close collaboration with Scottish Borders Council and Fife Council.

Delivered by the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University as part of the City Region Deal, the DDI initiative aims to enhance data capability across key industry sectors to establish the city region as the Data Capital of Europe.

Jarmo Eskelinen, director of the DDI initiative, said: “The DDI initiative is already helping diverse sectors share ideas, challenges, and experiences to support south-east Scotland’s tech and innovation ecosystems. But DDI’s potential is not limited to organisations that traditionally rely on digital technology. By better gathering and analyse of information, many organisations can develop products and services to better meet the needs of their customers.”

The newly published consultation on the Regional Prosperity Framework for the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region sets out the basis on which partners are likely to mount future regional investment bids. Data will be vital, in capturing insights for any such bids and in driving prosperity and well-being as investment programmes are developed and delivered.

As partners in the City Region Deal, experts at the University of Edinburgh’s DDI initiative stand ready to help the region achieve these objectives.

The Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal is a mechanism to accelerate economic and inclusive growth in the city region. Over £1.3 billion of investment will be delivered including £600m from the UK and Scottish Government.

Download the reports:

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