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The Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) Skills Gateway brings together the City Region's industry, universities, colleges, schools and others to provide routes into data or digital careers. It covers basic and key skills in schools through to advanced postgraduate training and research.

We all need data skills

The DDI Skills Gateway has been set up so that everyone can benefit from the opportunities of the new economy. It creates the potential for everyone to improve their data and digital skills. That includes girls in school who might be put off by the frequently male-dominated image of the technology sector, people returning to the workforce after a break, or anyone who combines work with caring responsibilities. It also includes people whose roles are changing and who may now face redundancy.

It covers teaching and skills at all stages, from early years to adult learning. It includes people of all backgrounds and social groups, people with disabilities and other challenges, and people with all levels of education. The Skills Gateway will also help develop the data science curriculum and continuing professional development (CPD) for employability and learning professionals, plus skills development for people who are excluded or disadvantaged groups, helping to improve inclusion within the industry.

Technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics are increasing demand for highly-skilled workers, but every type of work is affected. It is estimated that 90% of jobs already require digital skills.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a data scientist, or learn computer coding, or master advanced mathematics. But you do need at least a basic level of data and digital skills for many jobs, and to make the best use of products and services. In other words, we all need to be more data savvy.

The DDI Skills Gateway has four strands:

  • Data Education in Schools
  • Data Education in Colleges
  • Data Skills in Universities
  • Data Skills for Work

Read the case studies below to find out more.

The DDI Skills programme has been shortlisted for Digital Skills or Talent Initiative of the Year at the Digital Leaders 100 awards.
A public vote will decide the finalists from each category (deadline October 22nd).

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Data literacy is the set of skills that people need in order to ask questions, collect, analyse, interpret and communicate about data. It is important because as it gets easier for computers to collect large amounts of data, it is increasingly used to make decisions in our everyday lives.

Data skills are becoming increasingly important in all our lives and Scotland’s economy. We caught up with May Flett, Data Education in Colleges Lead, and Jon Buglass, Vice Principal of Innovation, Planning and Performance at Edinburgh College, to discuss how they plan to equip people with the relevant skills.

The focus of this initiative is to design and deliver university-level cutting-edge courses that incorporate the data skills increasingly valued by organisations and individuals. It is designed to provide data skills, together with practical experience, for both data professionals and data workers.

This project aims to help those already in work, or returning to work, to develop the skills to participate in a data-driven economy. We want those in occupations like manufacturing, administration, and sales – and those facing barriers to training and employment – to gain vital skills.