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Women in Data

Our Women in Data campaign aims to showcase the rich landscape of women working with data science, technology and innovation across a diverse range of industries, fields and sectors in the City Region. From students to government ministers, chief executives to lab technicians, our campaign captures the profiles of our region’s women in data, tech and related fields.

Our aim is to show women and girls that others ‘just like them’ are thriving in these areas, including from atypical and ‘non-scientific’ backgrounds. The campaign sheds light on their stories and talents, celebrates their historical and current roles, and supports long-term, critical conversations about the ongoing journey to gender equality.

Dr Grace Vickers

CEO, Midlothian Council

Dominique Green

PhD candidate and former Equality, Gender and Change PhD Intern in Learning, Teaching and Web Services Division Information Services

Tracy Steinberg

Learning, Teaching and Web Services, Information Services Group at University of Edinburgh

Alison Muckersie

Programme Lead for the Data-Driven Innovation Skills Gateway

Teresa Ironside, MBA

Director of Education, Bayes Centre, University of Edinburgh

Professor Aileen Keel

Director, Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme, University of Edinburgh

Dr Lucy MacGregor

Chief Technology Officer, Cognitive Geology

Professor Gillian Hogg

Heriot-Watt leader of City Region Deal

Dr Bettina Nissen

Lecturer in Interaction Design, University of Edinburgh

Talat Yaqoob

Director of Equate Scotland