Data Skills Gateway Advisory Board Memebers

  • Maggie Morrison; Former Client Partner, Public Sector Services Scotland, NTT Data UK
  • Susan Harkins; Head of Business Gateway, Edinburgh
  • Claire Gillespie; Sector Manager for Digital Technologies
  • Bobby Elliot; Qualifications Manager, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, Qualifications Development SQA
  • Sally McGreevy; Chair Joined Up for Jobs Forum
  • Carrie Lindsay; Represented by: Kenny Manson Chair South East Improvement Collaborative Board, Member of the SEIC digital board
  • Jarmo Eskelinen; Director DDI Programme, University of Edinburgh
  • Jamie Jefferson; Chief Creative Officer, Equator Digital Design Agency
  • Steph Wright;  The Data Lab
  • Laura Rodgers; Head of Performance Insights COE, NatWest Group
  • Kenny Manson; Quality Improvement Officer, Fife Council & South East Improvement Collaborative (SEIC)
  • Jenni Harrison, Strategic Technology, NHS Scotland National Services

The Data Skills Gateway is a unique and innovative response to the growing demand for data skills across society. It is a collaborative programme working across school, colleges, universities and with those in or seeking work. The programme recognises the importance of developing data citizens, data workers, data professionals and data leaders, in a fast changing data-rich world, and aims to provide equality of opportunity by developing new skills pathways for a wide range of learners.

The team has developed the first school-based data science qualification, has launched a highly successful grant scheme for those wishing to take up skills development opportunities and has worked with organisations across the public, private and third sector to help them better understand their data needs and skills requirements. The team has also run a number of successful pilots looking at ways to embed data literacy across core skill and employability programmes, encouraging a data focus for all learners.

The Data Skills Gateway Advisory Board was established to assist with planning, implementing, reviewing and refining the Data Skills Gateway activity, to ensure that it delivers change and inclusive growth ambitions for the Edinburgh and South East Scotland city region. The aim is to create strong cross-sector leadership necessary to drive forward the programme, where the ambitions are that:


  1. Economic opportunities are addressed: there will be a closer match between supply and demand for data skills;
  2. Aspirations are met: individuals will get more opportunity to participate in interesting and well-paid data roles;
  3. Learners leave education with higher levels of data skills, ready to excel in later stages of their learning journey; and
  4. There will be increased participation of women and other minority groups in data roles, with positive and inclusive working environments in the technology sector.


The Board has been in operation since August 2019 and is looking to refresh its membership. In particular the Board is keen to strengthen its industry representation, be that from within the technology sector, or from other industry sectors where the widespread use of data is transforming operations e.g. health and social care, financial services and fintech, creative industries and manufacturing. We are keen to ensure that our programmes, products and services address the challenges employers face in attracting and retaining diverse talent, and addressing the digital and data skills gap.

The commitment required from prospective board members is to attend two-hour board meetings on a quarterly basis, to sit on short-life working groups as fits individual interests and experience, and to act as an ambassador for the programme as and when appropriate. Initial board appointments are for a two year period.

The Data Skills Gateway team is seeking expressions of interest in becoming a Board member from across the Data Lab Community.

Further details can be obtained from the programme lead Alison Muckersie.