Improvements in the wellbeing and supply of livestock can be achieved through the use of data-related technologies such as the Internet of Things and genomic selection techniques. Researchers at the Easter Bush Campus have partnered with many world-leading organisations in agriculture, pharmaceuticals and genetics to bring improvements to the industry, such as reduced risk of disease.

Gene-editing Tool to Speed Disease Studies in Fish

An improved gene-editing tool could improve the understanding of the genetic basis of disease resistance in valuable species of farmed fish, researchers have found. Scientists at the Roslin Institute have developed the optimised technique to efficiently introduce changes in fish cell cultures in the lab.

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Food and Agriculture Science Transformer

There is huge potential to bring improvements in the wellbeing and supply of livestock through the use of data-related technologies such as IoT and genomic selection techniques. The Food and Agriculture Science Transformer (FAST) programme is just such an example.

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A Brown Chicken

Our AgriTech Hub

Easter Bush

The project at Easter Bush will seek to leverage existing world-class research institutes and commercialisation facilities to help Easter Bush become a global location of Agritech and veterinary excellence. It will do this through a campus-wide network that will generate and collate, in real time, a multitude of local and global data, (e.g. veterinary activities, animal genetics, food species genetics, soil condition, weather and market drivers).

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Our Expert Profiles

Helen Dundas

With a growing number of people suffering from malnutrition and chronic hunger, the United Nations FAO is predicting that by 2050 the world population is expected to rise by another 2.5 billion people. This is likely to create some major challenges for the planet: a 50% increase in demand for global agriculture production, with a particular demand for protein and dairy products.

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Rafael de Oliveira Silva

Rafael is an applied mathematician working with mathematical models of agriculture, food security and biodiversity conservation. His research includes modelling climate change adaption and the social impacts of sustainable intensification pathways.

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