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Public sector bodies and services collect, produce, and process a huge range of data across many areas of activity. Crises such as Covid19 highlight the value of improved sharing of data between public bodies to deliver faster responses to regional challenges and better services. Our experts can help organisations deliver more public benefits from data sets.

Data for Children Collaborative with UNICEF

Since 1946 UNICEF has supported generations of children, from the post-war era through to today’s challenging times. As the world changes, so do approaches to helping children: We caught up with Lucinda Rivers, Head of UNICEF UK in Scotland, and University of Edinburgh researchers Isaac Neal and Jodie Brumhead, to discuss how the Data for Children Collaborative is harnessing the power of data to improve children’s lives.

Mother Delgermurun holds newborn Sugarmaa, outside their home in the northernmost area of Mongolia ©UNICEF
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Our Public Sector Hub

Edinburgh Futures Institute

The EFI will be a global centre for multi-disciplinary, challenge-based DDI research, teaching and societal impact. The biggest challenges that the world faces are complex and interconnected. Solving them requires multiple orientations and understandings. EFI’s approach brings the arts, humanities and the social sciences into contiguity with data science, natural sciences and with medicine – to co-create deeply interdisciplinary models.

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Jude Henderson, Director of Operations, Edinburgh Futures Institute, Edinburgh Futures Institute

Our Expert Profiles

Gemma Cassells

Public Sector

Following on from a research PhD in Malawi, Gemma developed her expertise in the Highland council. She led the Climate Change team, where she developed a data-led approach to creating and implementing climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for the region. Now leading Edinburgh’s smart city work, Gemma has seen the range of areas data plays an important role.

Image of Gemma Cassells public sector lead