Creative industries

In the creative industries, data is fuelling personalisation of experiences from digital marketing to gaming. It is driving new products and services, and breaking down barriers between traditionally separate parts of the sector. Through the Edinburgh Futures Institute, we’re supporting the sector to address challenges such as access to audiences and markets; developing new experiences; and unlocking value in archives and datasets.

Two sound engineers look at a recording on a sound mixing desk

Creative Informatics

Scotland’s creative sector brings invaluable economic, social and cultural capital to the country through its inherently innovative and entrepreneurial activities, but this can come at the cost of insecure employment.

Two sound engineers look at a recording on a sound mixing desk
Image of MetaMorph by Julia McGhee

Space and Satellites Artist Residency

The DDI initiative and Design Informatics collaboration to look at how space and satellite data could be envisaged by the creative sector and communicated to the public.

Image of MetaMorph by Julia McGhee
Building plans

Our Creative Industries Hub

Edinburgh Futures Institute

The EFI will be a global centre for multi-disciplinary, challenge-based DDI research, teaching and societal impact. The biggest challenges that the world faces are complex and interconnected. Solving them requires multiple orientations and understandings. EFI’s approach brings the arts, humanities and the social sciences into contiguity with data science, natural sciences and with medicine – to co-create deeply interdisciplinary models.

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Jude Henderson, Director of Operations, Edinburgh Futures Institute, Edinburgh Futures Institute

Our Expert Profiles

Caroline Parkinson

Creative Sector Expert

Data is the thread through this programme supporting ten industries over the next ten years to maximise their potential not just for the sectors themselves but for their customers, audiences and the region’s citizens.